Reference ICG1020 ICG1520 ICG1525 ICG2030 ICG2530 ICG3040
Dimensions 10 x 20 15 x 20 15 x 25 20 x 30 25 x 30 30 x 40
Weight 10-20mg 20-30mg 30-40mg 40-60mg 60-80mg 80-100mg
Thickness 0.2-0.3mm 0.2-0.3mm 0.2-0.3mm 0.15-0.3mm 0.15-0.3mm 0.15-0.3mm

InterCollagen® Guide  Pericardium Resorbable Collagen Membrane

InterCollagen® Guide is a porcine pericardium derived resorbable collagen membrane used in periodontal and/or dental surgical procedures. Guided tissue and guided bone regeneration (GTR, GBR) are well-established techniques in dentistry to augment lost tissue around teeth and dental implants respectively. The basic principle of GBR techniques is the placement of a barrier membrane between the soft tissue and residual bone in order to prevent the fast-proliferating epithelial cells from populating the bony defect and to provide space and time for the migration of slow-dividing osteogenic or periodontal ligament cells into the defect area. In GTR techniques the membrane restricts or inhibits the population of invasion of fibrous tissue elements into the wound-site clot allowing the preferred cells to grow into the defect.

Porcine pericardia contain a high amount of densely packed collagen (predominantly type I but contains type III as well). InterCollagen Guide manufacturing process is geared toward the removal of contaminating proteins while keeping the structure of the extracellular matrix intact. This provides a highly pure yet strong scaffold which is beneficial for both users and patients. InterCollagen Guide’s dense fibrous architecture also enhances mechanical strength, increasing durability while still being easily manipulated and sutured.

The collagen membrane can be trimmed to the appropriate size, and once hydrated conforms easily to the defect site. InterCollagen® Guide will be available to the United States market in 6 versions: 10 x 20mm, 15 x 20mm, 15 x 25mm, 20 x 30mm, 25 x 30mm, and 30 x 40mm. The collagen membrane is Gamma irradiated, supplied sterile, non-pyrogenic, and intended for single use only. This device is intended to be used by medical professionals only.

Benefits include:

  • High mechanical strength when hydrated (>7MPA)
  • Easily hydrated
  • Conforms to the defect site effortlessly
  • Easily suturable and tear-resistant
  • Any face of the membrane may be in contact with the defect
  • Apply wet or dry to the defect site
Macro structure (<300um) of InterCollagen Guide

Macro structure (<20um) of InterCollagen Guide

Easy conformability of InterCollagen Guide