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InterOss® is a natural hydroxyapatite bone grafting material for bone regeneration users in dentistry. Made from a proven multi-step purification process leaving only a bone composition, InterOss® is a highly purified osteoconductive material for bone regeneration.

InterOss® is chemically and structurally comparable to mineralized human bone, and it has an interconnected network of macro and micropores and large inner surface areas providing an ideal environment for cell attachment.

InterOss® is available in granule form. It is supplied sterile and is dedicated for single use.


Small Granules (0.25-1mm)

The small InterOss® granules are available in four sizes.

Weight 0.25g 0.50g 1.0g 2.0g
Volume 0.54cc 1.08cc 2.16cc 4.32cc

Large Granules (1-2mm)

The large InterOss® granules are available in three sizes.

Weight 0.50g 1.0g 2.0g
Volume 2.0cc 4.0cc 8.0cc

Indications of Use

InterOss® granules are recommended for:

  • Augmentation or reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge
  • Filling of infrabony periodontal defects
  • Filling of defects after root resection, apicoectomy, and cystectomy
  • Filling of extraction sockets to enhance preservation of the alveolar ridge
  • Elevation of the maxillary sinus floor
  • Filling of periodontal defects in conjunction with products intended for Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)
  • Filling of peri-implant defects in conjunction with products intended for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)


InterOss® is 100% natural, biocompatible, highly purified, and has a large inner surface area, multi-porosity, and long term stability.

InterOss® is validated and documented in clinical studies through universities in US and abroad and case studies through clinicians involving procedures such as horizontal/vertical augmentation, sinus augmentation, and sinus elevation.


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InterOss® is approved by the FDA and is registered in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. If you are a distributor or professional dentist and have questions about the product, please submit an inquiry below.

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