InterCollagen® Guide

Resorbable Collagen Membrane

InterCollagen® Guide

InterOss® Guideis a porcine-derived resorbable collagen membrane intended for periodontal and/or dental surgeries. When used in conjunction with a graft material for a guided bone regeneration procedure, the barrier membrane restricts the entry of rapidly proliferating non-osteogenic cells within the bony defect while allowing the ingrowth of slow-growing bone-forming cells. InterCollagen® Guide’s dense fibrous architecture enhances mechanical strength, increases durability, and is easily sutured. The membrane is a resorbable barrier that gets remodeled and/or incorporated by the host tissue. InterCollagen® Guide is highly drapable can be trimmed to the required size.


InterCollagen® Guide

InterCollagen® Guide is available in five sizes

ICG1225 ICG1520 ICG2030 ICG2525 ICG3040
Size 12x25mm 15x20mm 20x30mm 25x25mm 30x40mm

Indications of Use

InterCollagen® Guide can be used in guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures as a
a biodegradable barrier for:

  • Maxillary ridge reconstruction for prosthetic treatment
  • Sinus floor augmentation and support of the Schneiderian membrane
  • Immediate or delayed augmentation around implants in extraction sockets
  • Periodontal bone defects (1-3 wall defects) and furcation defects (class I and II)
  • After apicectomy, cystectomy, resection of retained teeth, and resection of
    other bone lesions
  • Dehiscence defects
  • Fenestration defects
  • Maxillary ridge augmentation
  • Extraction sockets after tooth extractions
  • Surgical bone defects and bone wall defects


InterCollagen® Guide is 100% natural and biocompatible and has excellent drapability and long-term stability and it is easily suturable.

InterCollagen® Guide is validated and documented in case of studies through clinicians involving procedures such as horizontal/vertical augmentation, sinus augmentation, and sinus elevation.

Disclaimer: InterCollagen® Guide is registered or available in a selected country/region. Please check with a SigmaGraft representative for availability and further information


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