About SigmaGraft

SigmaGraft is an American manufacturer of dental and orthopedic biomaterials used in bone regeneration.

A World leader in Bone regeneration. One of the fastest growing manufacturers of dental bone graft products worldwide.

SigmaGraft is a global leader in researching, developing, and manufacturing highest quality, dental bone regeneration products- with a distribution network spanning more than 40 countries.  We offer ideal solutions for periodontal disease, bone loss, and injury.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions for bone graft surgeries. Our bone graft materials are used as medical devices and biomaterials in dental and orthopedic implant surgeries. These procedures foster new bone growth in regions of loss caused by injuries or diseases.  Our mission is to focus on and invest in researching, developing, and manufacturing the highest quality products for medical device companies and distributors.

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The SigmaGraft Biomaterials Commitment

SigmaGraft Biomaterials is committed to providing the highest quality bone grafting products on the market. Each granules are inspected numerous times using an electron microscope to assure the consistent quality on each vials. We pride ourselves on our strict standards of quality control in manufacturing, customer satisfaction, and partner loyalty.

Our company has made major investments in cutting-edge manufacturing machinery to provide our customers with the highest grade products available. The SigmaGraft, Inc., manufacturing facility is ISO 13485 certified to the international quality management system standard for manufacturing medical devices. We operate in a controlled environment of ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000). We can assure you that our team is trained and dedicated to manufacturing our products in a clean and quality controlled facility.

Your assurance that every granule is perfect

We monitor tight quality control over our natural bone source and subsequent processing and testing.

Rigorous tracking and testing of natural bone material

We adhere to Australia’s system for the identification and traceability of livestock (NLIS). This permanent whole-of-life system identifies individual animals electronically and tracks them from birth to death.

Each bone source is rigorously purified and tested for morphology and surface characteristics using scanning electron microscopes. Each is also tested for porosity, pore size, and surface area.


Are you interested in a distribution partnership with SigmaGraft?

Our dental and orthopedic products are available for global distribution. If your company distributes medical devices for dental and orthopedic applications and is interested in a partnership, please Contact Us or send us a proposal to info@sigmagraft.com.

Please examine the product brochures and prepare a proposal to be considered for a distribution partnership. The proposal should include the names of the product you are interested in, as well as purchase quantity and requested transfer price per product.

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To find out more about Sigma Graft please get in touch.

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