InterCollagen™ Guide

InterCollagen™ Guide is a biocompatible and sterile resorbable type I collagen membrane derived from natural sources. These highly purified collagen membranes act as a cell occlusive barrier in guided tissue and bone regeneration.

InterCollagen™ Guide is intended to confine grafting material so that it does not migrate from the placement site. InterCollagen™ Guide is biodegradable and does not require a second procedure for removal.

InterCollagen™ Plug

InterCollagen™ Plug is a resorbable type I collagen plug for use in dental applications. The resorbable type I collagen plug is derived from natural sources and acts as a 3D collagen matrix to aid soft tissue regeneration.

Collagen plugs are fully resorbable and are used in the extraction socket at the time of extraction to minimize the risk of dry socket and form a protective lid during healing.

InterOss Collagen™

InterOss Collagen™ is a type I collagen/anorganic bone composite block of collagen and InterOss® small granules. Combining InterOss® with highly purified collagen enhances its handling characteristics by making it formable and easy to handle.

The collagen acts to hold the grafting material in place while promoting tissue and bone regeneration. The collagen matrix is absorbed after a few weeks and does not replace the barrier function of a membrane.